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Almost any device can be enhanced by the addition of a touch-interactive display panel from  a simple touch screen overlay to a full custom assembly, custom glass and / or bezel.

In general there are two classes of touch screen technology.

  • Resistive technology allows single-point touch and is a low-cost solution.
  • Capacitive touch supports multi-finger touch, and a superior optical performance. Capacitive touch is typically seen in higher-end devices, but reducing costs make this technology accessible in a wider range of devices. Projected capacitive touch (PCT) means that the lightest of touches will evoke a response, and allows the addition of a cover lens in glass or plastic for a more mechanically-robust solution.

Many of our TFT modules can be supplied with a touch panel option. Touch screen technology is improving all the time so please contact us for the latest information.

Winstar offers two options of Capacitive Touch technology: Glass to Glass (G-G) and Glass-Film-Film (GFF). The major differences are detailed below:



 Plus Opto works with a number of partners to supply fully customised touchscreen and cover lens solutions, including  silk screen printing and a variety of lens materials and  bezels. Please contact our sales desk with your requirements.

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