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ArtNet is the perfect way to send and receive data using a number of protocols via a network to transmit and receive data. No special cables and converters are required.

Interfaces include DMX and SPI data signal

Touch LED Control Panels

Artnet-DMX-1 Controller

The Artnet-DMX-1 Ethernet Control System is based on the Artnet protocol, used to convert the Artnet network data package into DMX512 data

  • Input Voltage 12VDC
  • 512 channel DMX
  • IP address is bound to Subnet, no need to reset, plug and play
  • Manage Artnet on broadcast mode or unicast mode

Compatible with the light software based on Artnet Protocol, control stage lighting and LED lighting simultaneously

Artnet-SPI Converter

The Artnet-SPI converter is an Ethernet Control System based on the Artnet protocol, used to convert the Artnet network data package into SPI (TTL) digital signal.

  • RJ45 network interface and terminal block output
  • Compatible with effects lighting control software
  •  Compatible with IC drivers TM1804/1809, D705, P9813,LPD6803/1101,UCS1903/1909/1912/2903/2909/2912/6909/6912, WS2811/2812/2801/2803, etc

Artnet-SPI-4 and SPI-8 Control System

The Ethernet Artnet to SPI signal converters features OLED screen and keys for ease of programming

  • Artnet-SPI-4: 680 pixels, 4 universe
  • Artnet-SPI-8: 1360 pixels, 8 universe
  • Input voltage 5~24Vdc
  • 8GB SD Memory card
  • Input signal via Rj45 connection
  • Output signal SPI
  • Supports static/dynamic IP settings.

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