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Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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LED Sheet Backlight

LED sheets are a thin, light, and flexible LED light source that can be used to backlight a variety of materials, from printed fabrics and duratrans to thick pieces of marble and onyx. Modular by design, they are easily tiled together to facilitate backlights of any size.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the matrix of high-quality LEDs provides a bright, even illumination, no matter the size or configuration. No more dim, uneven illumination, the LED sheets have the power to perfectly light a wide range of materials. Simple to modify, the sheets are quick and easy to cut down on site, ensuring a perfect fit with edge-to-edge illumination.

Available in a range of colours and configurations, from UK stock, individually or as a kit with necessary drivers and controls.

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    LED Module Backlight

    LED Modules are a low cost flexible solution to LED backlighting particularly if the area to be illuminated is shaped. Our latest addition to our range of backlighting solutions in signage and light boxes is based on Flexible PCB with high intensity wide angle LED Modules.

    Suitable for a lightbox depth between 40 and 150mm LEDs are positioned at intervals to minimise spotting and maximise efficiency

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      Flexible LED Strip Backlight

      LED strips are a low cost flexible solution to LED backlighting. Available in a wide range of densities and colour temperatures strips are cuttable and dimmable.

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