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Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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Fixed Output LED Drivers

For a fully packaged LED driver solution we offer a range of constant current and constant voltage drivers designed to operate from AC mains supply. Output power ratings range from 1W  to 600W with optional dimming functions. These drivers comply with international standards and feature short circuit, overload and thermal protection. A wide choice of connection options are available including plug & play, distribution boxes and cabling solutions to facilitate easy installation.

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LED Drivers CC Fixed OutputLED Drivers CV Fixed Output

Dimmable LED Drivers

In addition to our fixed output LED drivers we offer an extensive range of dimmable LED drivers to reduce energy consumption and facilitate further control in lighting schemes.  Our range supports control protocols including:

  • AC mains dimming
  • 0/1-10v dimming
  • DALI dimming
  • RF dimming Zigbee and Bluetooth
  • Fixed resistance dimming
  • DMX512 control dimming
  • Bluetooth control dimming
  • Push and step dimming
LTech Drivers & Controllers Catalogue PDFDimmable LED Drivers

LED Driver IC's

At component level we offer a range of Application Specific IC's designed to drive LED lamps and displays to their optimum performance & reliability reducing component count. 

  • Display Driver IC's
  • Backlight Driver IC's
  • Automotive Lighting & Display IC's
  • AC/DC LED Driver IC's
  • DC/DC LED driver IC's
  • Linear Regulator IC's
LED Driver ICs