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Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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We offer a wide range of Optocouplers, also termed as Optoisolators or Photocouplers which are semiconductor devices for a wide range of applications. Optocouplers use a short optical path to link signals from one electrical circuit to another whilst providing electrical isolation. Packaging is typically based on the standard Dual In Line IC format


We offer a complete range of optocouplers for a wide range of applications where isolation between different voltage sources is required. The range includes couplers that meet high reliability requirements with the respective safety standards such as VDE, CSA, UL, FIMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, and TUV.

Applications include switch mode power supplies, telecoms equipment, programmable controllers, AC/DC converters and battery chargers.

      Photocoupler Selection Guide PDF

      DIL Optocouplers

      Output options include:

      • Phototransistor
      • Photodarlington
      • AC Input
      • High Speed
      • Schmitt trigger
      • Solid State relay
      • Triac Driver
      • IGBT Gate Driver

        EL3H7-G PDF

        Surface Mount Optocouplers

        Packages include:

        • 4-Pin SSOP
        • 4-16-pin DIL through hole
        • 4-16 pin SMD
        • 4-8 pin SOP