Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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LCD Modules

We offer an extensive range of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD's) that have been developed to accommodate the increased requirement for information display.

Liquid Crystal Displays offer a low current high-resolution solution in applications where the display of data in the form of text or graphics is required.

Our products include TFTs, OLEDs, Alphanumeric LCDs, Character & Graphic LCDs and Touch Screens from leading manufacturer Winstar.

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LED Displays

We offer an extensive range of LED Displays in multi-segment and dot matrix format for applications where economical solutions are required. A spectrum of colours is available including white displays along with high intensity versions which provide high visibilty in bright ambient light conditions.

Please refer to the components section LED Displays.

Matching across a multi line display, parts are supplied categorised for luminous intensity and hue.

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Thin Film Electroluminescent Displays TFEL

Lumineq® TFEL displays, ideal for embedded applications, represent the best viewing experience available for extreme conditions. TFEL displays are reliable, robust and proven in use in the harshest places on earth and in space. Excellent vibration and shock resistance, together with a compact and lightweight build, make these displays an excellent choice.