Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

Contact us: +44 (0) 1942 671122

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As the authorised distributor for Winstar Display Corporation we offer an extensive range of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) that have been developed to accommodate the increased requirement for information display. Liquid Crystal Displays offer a low current, high-resolution solution in applications where the display of data in the form of text or graphics is required. Our products include TFTs, OLED displays, Alphanumeric LCDs, Smart Displays, Character & Graphic LCDs and Touch Screens.

TFT Displays

TFT Display Modules produce vibrant full colour display panels with an option of touch panel overlay. Now an affordable option for a wide range of applications. Winstar offers a range of pixel resolutions from QVGA to XGA and screen diagonals from 3.5" to 12.1". We can also offer special formats outside of this range upon request.

Monochrome TFTColour TFT
    IPS TFTBar TFTHDMI TFTTouchscreens

    OLED modules

    Winstar is one of the first manufacturers to be able to deliver a standard range of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Displays) in both character and graphic formats using passive matrix PMOLED technology. We offer COB/COG/TAB construction and sunlight readable options.

    Character OLEDGraphic OLED
      Miniature OLEDTouch Screen OLED

      Smart Displays

      The "Winstar Smart Display Can Series" is an innovative display product from Winstar and offers an out-of-the-box CANopen development experience designed to lower development costs and speed the time-to-market. The “Smart Display solution” comes with Winstar standard display modules and UI objects to facilitate fast project development. The Smart Display solution features well defined user interfaces without the need to understand the graphic layers and includes built in flash memory, store the font and Object Dictionary data. 

      Smart Display CAN Open TFT

        Character Modules

        We offer an extensive range of low cost industry standard Character LCD Modules. A wide range of sizes are available in a choice of STN or FSTN positive or negative mode. Formats range from 8x2 to 40x4 and feature extended operating temperature as standard. All modules may be supplied with a choice of LED backlight colours to suit the application.

        Character COB/COGCharacter VATN

          Graphic Modules

          We have an extensive range of LCD graphic displays with a wide choice of backlight and LCD combinations.
          Graphic display modules offer tremendous flexibility in formatting data, allowing customers to form their own graphics and symbols and present the “next step up” from standard dot-matrix character modules.

          Graphic COGGraphic COB

            Custom Displays

            On occasions where a standard display cannot meet the requirement, then we are able to offer a bespoke solution.Whilst our range of off-the-shelf LCD modules is comprehensive, it may be that the product requires a special display, perhaps with symbols or text and a numerical layout particular to assist end-user interface. 

            More Information On Custom LCDs